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One of the most important pieces of the church puzzle is our solidarity, the feeling of fellowship and community we share with our church family. It is through God’s guidance that we learn to cultivate the tolerance, forgiveness, and selflessness which we can then share with our congregation and our surrounding community.

One of the best ways we grow fellowship and mutual support in our congregation is through the use of our prayer list. Anyone, official member, visitor, or regular attendee, child or adult, can call any time, send an email, or offer a prayer request during worship service. These requests are then shared with our email prayer chain, and details are placed in the newsletter so that others may be informed and can pray for the request. Of course, you can always opt out of the prayer chain and tell the Pastor privately, where your request will always be confidential.

In these ways, we can share what’s going on in our lives with old friends and new alike. Whether we are sailing troubled waters or simply need a small word of encouragement, it is always comforting to know your church family will be praying on your behalf. Please feel free to call or email us any time with your concerns.

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